Trade Representation

With strong economic growth in the GCC region, there is an increased demand from international companies and trade boards to focus on developing long-term relationships in the region. One of the best and most cost-effective ways to do this is through an annual trade representation agreement with a local partner or licensed agency such as GMA Marketing Management.

Some of the advantages of trade representation are:

  • One-stop shop and point of contact for all target trade and business partners, conveniently located within the same region for efficient communication and activations.
  • Your “eyes and ears” on the ground, identifying and reporting on market access issues as they arise and providing industry updates.
  • Year-round networking on your behalf at focused business events.
  • Ease of creating and implementing in-market trade and consumer activities.
  • Established and growing network of regional contacts.
  • Facilitate inbound and outbound trade missions.
  • Faster route to market with fewer rookie mistakes.

Trade representation does not include services such as exporting, importing, distributing or selling goods. It also does not imply legal counsel or lobbying.

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