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Promotion is arguably the most important element to the success of an export strategy. Promotion should be thought of in both strategic and tactical terms.  Strategically, one must understand where the brand fits in the export life cycle. Some types of promotional activities are most effective for new-to-market brands while other types will yield better results for more well-known and entrenched products/brands.

Strategy alone is only half of the challenge. In fact, the easier half. Design and implantation of promotional activities in the Middle East requires the ability to work in a multicultural and multilingual environment, and in a rapidly evolving socio-economic landscape with over 200 nationalities co-existing.

Our team reflects the nature of the region: multilingual – culturally diverse – forward thinking.

For our newer-to-market client, promotions generally include the following goals:

  • creating awareness
  • providing education
  • technical training
  • sampling
  • trial and repeat purchase


As a company or brand becomes more mature, our promotional activities shift focus to:

  • developing customer loyalty,
  • increasing the frequency and quantity of use
  • identifying new target buyers/customers.


We create, plan and fully execute promotional activities across a broad range of categories, classes of trade and demographics. These include trade shows and other trade events, retail promotions, chef and distributor technical trainings, online recipe competitions, restaurant promotions, one-on-one education to top tier business partners, as well as partnering with influencers, celebrity chefs and celebrity dietitians for on-line and live events.

In the region, trade shows are still an important avenue for businesses to showcase their products or services, meet potential customers, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. At GMA Marketing Management, we help businesses make the most of their trade show experience, whether we set the stage for your participation or we manage the booth on your behalf.

We provide a range of services to help businesses succeed at trade shows, including exhibit design and booth set-up, marketing and communication strategy, on-site logistics and support, and lead management/follow-up. Our goal is to help our clients stand out from the competition, attract quality leads, and achieve their business goals.

Our promotional work is carried out around the region, with the majority of our activities based in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Choice of geographic scope is determined during the discovery phase and is a function of weighted market opportunity (strength of opportunity X market size X ease of operation X market risk). We also participate in marketing activities back in source countries such as the USA or Canada.

At the conclusion of each promotional activity, we perform a post-activity wrap up with the target beneficiaries and provide a written report back to our clients. This report indicates outputs as well as outcomes along with recommendations for future events.

Please see our events section for a few examples of our work.

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