Market Entry Strategy

The UAE has blossomed into a global business and tourism hub over the last decade or so. Saudi Arabia, the largest GCC economy, is on a path to rapid market expansion and diversification. Interested in “sizing” your business opportunities in this dynamic, growing region?

We offer customized services to help you prioritize business opportunities and then develop and execute your newly designed market entry plans.

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with clients to understand needs, goals, and challenges. After a first consultation with our clients, we go out to the market and perform an initial assessment. This practical market research is composed of both qualitative and quantitative data and allows us to rank opportunities for your products or services based on both profitibailty and ease of entry metrics.

We rely on our strong network of contacts at all levels of the business environment to provide a well-rounded perspective. This includes government, trade groups, retailers, foodservice/Horeca establishments, chefs, Influencers and social media channels. And of course, the end consumer.

We then organize a second consultation to share our findings with clients. At this point, we expect the market intelligence will be sufficient to allow clients to make an informed “go/no-go” decision on spending further resources (financial and human) towards a “live” market entry project in the region.

If the project is a go, we then develop a detailed roadmap of success and with buy in from the client, begin project execution.

Your Success is Our Success

Our goal is to help our clients achieve long-term, sustainable success in the GCC and Middle East markets. Contact us today to learn more about our market entry strategy services and how we can help your business grow.

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